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Electrical load balance

With addition of high energy consuming equipment in the retrofit projects the present load balance of the vessel is expected to change. 

This often requires a comprehensive review of the vessels existing load and revision of the balance load sheet after addition of new power consuming equipment. This exercise is critical to ensure no power outages occur at a later stage. We have experience analysing load balance sheet of various vessel types and expertise in distinguishing continuous loads vs intermittent load. our insights can help clients avoid expensive power capacity upgrades. 

Wiring & control diagrams

Wiring and control diagram is the go-to document for engineers onboard the vessel to identify the components connections and rectify issues. A well documented diagram is helpful not only in understanding individual electrical components but also eliminates possibilities of accidental damage to components due to a installation mismatch. Our team of engineers have extensive experience in delivering detailed wiring and control diagrams for retrofit and routing upgradation.


Site supervision & support

Our experienced technicians offer a wide range of electrical supervision & support including but not limited to cable laying, cable ladder layouts, terminations, barrier penetrations, console upgradation, and troubleshooting.