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Engineering design

Feasibility studies | Process design | Detailed engineering
Pilot projects

Our focus and competencies drives us towards new and innovative pilot projects which may not have a defined scope or outcome.

Our collaboration with industry leading companies enables us to develop new systems with immense scaling possibilities. Attached image is one such example of an automated fuel change over system designed for a major shipowner in partnership with – SMEC Marine solutions where the fuel changeover time is significantly reduced during changeovers.

Process design

Dissemination of process flow knowledge is an important milestone in any installation. To this end our proficiency to prepare mimic diagrams, process flow diagrams, and detailed P&IDs for various systems stands out. 

Our services also include additional analysis for various system sizing requirements like pressure drop, flow calculation, heat & viscosity control, pump curves and FMEA.

Detailed engineering

Our design competencies and discipline are reflected in the engineering drawings we create. From conceptual engineering to installation documentation, we specialize in drawings that are detailed and precise. 

All phases of the project such as 2D and 3D models, P&IDs, bill of material, procurement plans, etc. are generated and a detailed project package is delivered to the client during the detailed engineering phase.