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Finite element analysis

Structural analysis | Process modelling | Verification & Validation
Structural analysis

Finite element procedures are widely used to solve physical challenges in engineering analysis and design. The physical problem typically involves the structural component subject to certain loads and its idealisation through precise assumptions. We perform global or local finite element models for structural analysis to compute the linear/non-linear responses under complex loading conditions. 

Our expertise enables us to skilfully model and discretise the 3D / 2D finite elements. Meticulous idealisation of problem statement coupled with scientific application of boundary conditions, dead and live loads results in accurate predictions of primary and secondary variables.

Verification & Validation

Verification and validation in FEA is becoming a major focus for organizations wanting to control the quality of their engineering solutions. Verification guarantees that the convergence of the results for the model whereas validation mandates that the model is a true representative of the challenge at hand.

Traditional FEA tools are not explicitly designed to support the rigorous standards of verification. Similarly, validation of the process model requires rigorous substantiation with literature data. Our team of experienced professionals are well versed with industry standards of verification and validation.