VSL Marine Technology completes 3D scanning and survey for BWTS retrofit for a Bulk Carrier.

A bulk carrier was scanned and surveyed for BWTS retrofit. The vessel had a compact engine room design and very little space for the BWT machinery. A team of scanner operators and piping design engineer attended the vessel to conduct a through survey. Equipment layout was finalized and measurements captured while on board to mitigate challenges faced during the design phase.

Company update

3D Laser scanning for VFX – Visual Effects

VSL Marine now has done projects for the Visual Effects (VFX) industry by capturing and remodelling scenes and landscapes. We have completed 2 projects for a leading VFX company in India in which a landscape was captured using our Faro X330 laser scanner and images were captured using a drone and DSLR cameras to generate a detailed 3D model of the landscape.