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Familiarisation tours | immersive walkthroughs | Remote inspections
Familiarisation tours

We create interactive 360º virtual tours which can be used for familiarisation or remote inspections and monitoring.

Find clickable objects that you can discover when walking through the tour. Virtual Tours can be seen on any computer, tablet or phone (Android & iOS). No installation or plugins needed. Online / offline and VR compatible. Click play to see a preview of the engine room of an ultra large container ship.

Play Video
Play Video
Immersive walkthroughs

Immersive walkthroughs have transformed the way information is distributed and consumed. Information can now be shared across a wide range of age groups and across multiple disciplines.

We have successfully developed walkthroughs that help understand any system or modification in a manner independent of an individual learning curve, the guided tours ensure that all aspects of the topic are discovered by the learner thus ensuring overall coverage of the topic and better understanding.

Live tour example

[Coming soon] Click on the image to open a live example of a virtual tour. Left click and drag to move the image around. Hover and click on the hotspots to move to different scenes and hover on some of the equipment to learn more about them.